Our Vineyard Partners

Ever since our inception in 1981, one of the prime edicts in our philosophy has been to shine a light on growers who produce exceptional fruit. Without the specific knowledge of their land, and their tireless hard work, the wines we seek to create simply aren't possible. Winemaking at its best is a synergy of the land, the vine, weather, and people. We are proud to showcase them here, the human component of terroir, some of whom have been a part of our story for decades.

Sangiacomo Green Acres Vineyard, Carneros

We have partnered with the Sangiacomo family for close to 40 years. Our chardonnay lots come mostly from their “Green Acre” vineyard which was their first planting in 1969. Set between Sonoma and Fowler Creeks, this former pear orchard has loamy clay topsoils, with some alluvial subsoils. It keeps the perfect balance of moisture-retaining qualities coupled with deeper penetrating root systems. We regularly find high-toned floral aromatics, oyster shells, and a supple orange oil characteristic on the palette.

Pratt Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

Jim Pratt’s “Sexton Road” Vineyard is characterized by its sandy loam "Goldridge" soils and cool, true Sonoma Coast climate. That coupled with a plethora of clonal combinations (we use Pommard, 23, and 828) makes it a true winemaker’s site. However, this is a vineyard where the qualities of the site always trump the characteristics of the clones. In their youth, it is hard to differentiate between the clonal lots, though they are all obviously from Sexton Road. We regularly find high-pitched red and black bramble fruits, black tea, pine tree resin, and gobs of bright structured acidity.

Sundawg Ridge Vineyard, Green Valley, Russian River Valley

Jim Pratt also farms Chuck Kenzler and Nancy Winn’s Green Valley of Russian River Valley Vineyard, Sundawg Ridge. A small 6.5-acre vineyard comprised of north and south-facing aspects planted to Pommard, 115, and Calera clones. Coupled with the sloped hillsides found at the site, this gives us a fairly broad flavor palette. The sandy loam soils provide plush tannin and lots of concentrated, dark bramble fruits. We often find an additional roasted coffee/cacao note on the palette. Winemaker Tim Colla plays with whole cluster fermentations from this vineyard to try and balance the innate fruitiness found in the Russian River.